Dirk & Maryke Surprise Engagement

All Sundays should start with a helicopter flight over the beautiful Cape Town – this specific Sunday started like any other, lies to the left, lies to the right all to keep the BIG secret and make sure it is a special surprise. This one was a little closer to home for me, being my brother who had planned all of this – and me being the only one in the heli with them. For those of you who know me, I am absolutely terrible at keeping secrets and lying (my boyfriend is real lucky, I am a dead give-away). So this was extremely difficult for me, firstly to keep a straight face (when on the inside i’m grinning from ear to ear) and then to tell these little lies to keep everything on track but I made it and it’s clear to see she didn’t expect a thing.

It was the most perfect day, hotter than the average winter day and this flight couldn’t be more stunning. Started with a letter that already had the tears flowing, I mean which of us girls don’t love a love letter from that special man in your life. I for one could say it’s a personal favourite.

A few minutes later he was on his knee and the tears started anew – it even had me teared up but had to get composure didn’t want to fog up the peephole of my camera 😉

The answer was ‘yes’ after a few ‘oh my words’ 🙂

So now it’s full mode wedding planning in the family – and all I can say about this one is that it is going to be one huge celebration. Yay!!

You always wonder who your siblings would end up with. and if you would be friends with this new person that is entering your family….I think we got real lucky because Maryke is a real keeper and I can say that as soon as these two say ‘I Do’ I won’t just be a friend richer but a sister. xx