Mark & Ferne

Mark and Ferne are two of the loveliest people that I have met in a long time. They travelled all the way from Bristol to come and celebrate their love here with us in sunny South Africa.

They got married at the forrest venue, Monkey Valley, which was perfectly suited for these two. So laid back and relaxed and their day was exactly the same – friends and family came from far and wide. It really was an Irish Celebration.

During their ceremony they performed a wedding tradition that I have seen only once before, they passed the rings between all the guests on a string and as it passed by each person that person would wish a blessing onto the rings and therefore for the couple – really an awesome tradition and great to see everyone inspect the rings.

Their speeches were something to remember, it even had me in laughs and almost in tears. All I can tell you is that these two are deeply loved and they have some great people in their lives. My best is probably when the Bride compared her husbands shiny head to a pebble picked by a penguin – research the Gentoo penguin. ”Stick and stones aren’t for breaking bones, if you’re a penguin. They’re symbols of love”.

We also got the most epic sunset on Noordhoek beach to end their day with – 🙂

Mark and Ferne, you guys were a real treat and I enjoyed every minute with you. May the adventures keep coming and the laughs never stop. I hope somewhere in the future that we run into each other again! xx

Thanks to my trusty assistant Candice – she is a real trooper.