Theo & Lorinda and Archie

Firstly I have to say that Theo and Lorinda are just the sweetest two people and then if it gets any better their dog Archie joined us and he is just magnificent. We found this amazing lake/dam with a forrest on the side exactly what we were looking for for what Lorinda had planned for their shoot. The sun was super spectacular on this specific day and the photo’s were perfectly golden. They sat at the end of the pier and just enjoyed beer and popcorn as the sun went down.

Early next year I will be shooting their wedding and I can’t wait, Lorinda is a true beauty and they are the most perfect match. I enjoyed every second of getting to know them and laughing with them. Their shoots is def on my list of favourites.

Theo en Lorinda julle was ver verby amazing en ek het my tydjie so baie saam met julle geniet. Ek love hoe julle is om mekaar en kan sommer sien dat volgende jaar se troue n’ regte fees gaan wees en ek kan nie wag nie xx